Come Board with us at BridleWood Dressage & Equestrian Center!

Our passion in working with horses is to consider the ‘big’ picture, looking at horses holistically for who they are and what they need, physically, mentally and spiritually, while creating a confident, trusting relationship between each horse and rider!

We encourage all horse owners to consider pasture board for their equine friends, to provide them with as natural a lifestyle as possible, while respecting the individual needs of each.

We provide open space for all our horses to move freely, in large pastures with other horses, with access to fresh water, free choice (nibble-net) hay/forage and Himalayan salt. Sometimes, that much feed is not ideal, and then we make changes to support what’s best for each horse, while respecting their innate requirement to move and socialize, on a forge-based whole-foods diet.  We believe barns were designed mainly for human convenience, which they certainly provide, and each horse has a stall to come into during any serious weather that would put him in harm's way, but as research confirms, routine life in stalls rarely contributes toward healthy horses, and we are lucky to have large enough pastures so our horses can spend most of their free time outside, contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Having said that, we do offer full stall board (with routine turnout), for horses that have never experienced anything else, until they can be gently transitioned to full pasture board, and finally be allowed to experience living the life they were designed for! :)

As many know, before we purchased BridleWood, decades of neglect had worn away at all the infrastructure and  facilities, and we are now in the process of renovating every building as funds allow. We are still a diamond-in-the-rough, but making progress, and luckily, fancy buildings don't make happy horses, and thankfully our beautiful pastures make up for all of it, (and little by little our human desires will be rewarded greatly too:) We welcome planned visitors and currently have room for a few new horses and riders seeking a relaxed and down to earth environment where the sky is the limit in terms of what we can accomplish together. We offer in-house dressage lessons for beginners through 3rd level and host dressage clinicians and trainers who compliment our philosophy. We offer trailering to shows in season.

We welcome all horse breeds and disciplines, from Recreational to Competition horses, Rescues needing rehab, to Retired horses.

We have 2 different stall sizes:  10×12 for ponies and/or smaller breeds and 12×20 for large breeds (or small horses with a big personal space;), or for recovering horses on temporarily restricted movement.

Boarding Rates per Horse

Full Pasture Board with Shelter $450 per month/horse

Full Stall 'Pony' Board (10’x11′)$600 per month

Full Stall 'Large' Board (12’x20′)$750 per month

Discount for the 2nd or more horses per owner: -$50/horse/month

Services include: Free choice hay in a nibble net, fresh water (buckets cleaned daily), salt block, fan electricity, turnout all day and/or all night depending on season/needs, blanketing as needed, stalls cleaned daily and picked 3x/day. Daily body check for injuries. Full access to facility and amenities.

BridleWood Facilities and Amenities Include:

Full-size indoor dressage arena with soon to come dust-free footing (currently our dust-free (thanks to Cal-Mag!) rock-dust base, is great to ride on:)  

150’ by 300’ outdoor beautiful grass arena, with arena rails and letters

200 acres of scenic hill trails

Safe turnout in wood and electric fencing (paddocks for small-group turnout and large pastures for large-group turnout)

Airy wood box stalls with safety grills

High quality organic hay made on the farm

Individualized feeding program possible 

Tack room (New climate-controlled tack room)

Wash stall (Hot water coming soon)

Twenty-four hour security with caretakers living on premises


To inquire about availability or for more information, please contact Christa at or by calling 518-965-4250