For the Love of Horses


We (Martin, Christa, Sarah, Rachael and Matthias) are a family owned and operated training and boarding facility focused on classical dressage and holistic horsemanship.

We purchased BridleWood, as a 'diamond in the rough', in 2014, and have been pouring our energies into ongoing renovations, as time and finances allow, after the many years of unfortunate neglect in evidence.

We fell in love with horses when our girls were very young, and together our knowledge and experience has grown alongside their education and training in the art of horsemanship and classical dressage. With the acquisition of BridleWood we can now share our passion with you, and offer a place where horses and people can be together in a relaxed and joyful way. We believe all horses should have the chance to live like horses, free to run and socialize with other equines, in a safe environment, no matter what their level of training or discipline in riding. We are inspired by the wisdom of the ancient classical masters, but equally focused on new scientific studies, on how to best care for the complex needs of every horse, from their hooves to their digestion, to the bio mechanics of riding and training.  We are devoted to continuing education and look forward to hosting many wonderful clinics and shows at BridleWood! We have owned, researched, ridden and cared for horses for nearly 20 years, and approach every aspect of training and care, in a holistic and respectful way. 

Smitten by the joys of working with horses, we are forever grateful to all the dedicated trainers, mentors, friends and family who have, and continue to inspire us on this journey...and to Susan for providing us with the opportunity to revitalize this incredible property!  

We are passionate about building positive working relationships between horses and riders, and we hope you'll agree, horses have far more to teach us than we could ever teach them....and it's in every partnership, that all the magic happens:)