Sarah - Trainer

Sarah Stosiek

Sarah follows the principles of classical dressage training with a notable, and growing ability, to work creatively with many different equine temperaments, while utilizing the tools of natural horsemanship and proper biomechanics, through classical and science-based ground work. She is especially gifted with opinionated ponies and utilizes liberty training to establish the proper balance and a positive relationship based on respect, without force. Sarah teaches riding lessons which compliment her training, that involve her students in solid horsemanship skills as well, so that horse and rider can excel together. She is a strong advocate for teaching a series of lessons on the lunge to develop a good seat first! Sarah welcomes questions and loves sharing her knowledge and insights with her clients and students.


Training Fees:

$70/ hr 

$1500/month includes 5 days training per week plus 1 riding lesson per week